Sonjiki was established in 2015. Our purpose is to celebrate the rich tapestry of Islamic fashion and African culture.


A celebration of the vibrant & harmonious fusion between African culture & Islamic faith. Our journey began with a vision to embrace, honor, & amplify the rich heritage of African-Muslim identity, and we are happy to have you join us on this empowering path.

Founder’s Vision

Suraya, a proud diasporan Muslim woman hailing from the picturesque landscapes of Ghana, embarked on a journey fueled by passion & purpose. Inspired by her own experiences & the stories of countless others within the African diaspora, she sought to create a brand that would not just be a collection of garments, but a powerful platform to spotlight & celebrate the diverse tapestry of African-Muslim culture.


Our Mission

To curate a collection that reflects the depth & beauty of African-Muslim culture. We do this with unwavering commitment to authenticity, ensuring each piece resonates as an expression of style & cultural pride.

A Fusion of Cultures

We embrace the fusion of vibrant African traditions with profound Islamic teachings. Each stitch, pattern, and design pays homage to this intricate blend of heritage and faith.

Embracing Identity Through Fashion

We believe that fashion is a tool for expressing identity and fostering connections. By wearing our creations, you weave a narrative that tells the story of your heritage, values, and aspirations."


We invite you to embark on this enriching journey with us. Whether you are a diasporan Muslim, an individual intrigued by the intersection of cultures, or someone seeking a unique representation of identity, you are welcome here. Through our designs, stories, and shared experiences, we aim to create a global community that celebrates the intricate beauty of African-Muslim culture.

Thank you for being a part of Sonjiki. Together, let’s illuminate the path, honor our roots, and celebrate the radiant tapestry of our collective heritage.


The embroidery is gorgeous. Got here quickly, lovely customer service, lovely everything.
Always the best quality. I still have the ones I bought years ago &  my mum always wants your scarves.
I am so excited to have found this brand. Thank you for making me feel so beautiful on my birthday
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