A popular style preserved by African women, the Mayafi is the Hausa name for a style of Hijab which features delicate embroidery and/or beautiful jewel-like embellishments. 

The Mayafi is often very lightweight and can be made from a variety of fabrics and is available in a variety of colours. 

Cotton Mayafi is a favourite among many thanks to the fullness of its size, the intricate designs featured, along with an ability to cool in the hot African climate.

Across Africa, this style of Hijab is referred to by many names including Kala Ibadou (Gambia/Senegal, Wolof), Iburon (Nigeria, Yoruba), Gyale (Northern Nigeria, Arewa) and Mafelaye (Sierra Leon/Guinea).

The Hausa language is a widely spoken African language, which may explain why Mayafi is the most common name for this style of Hijab. Mayafi can be worn as a shawl over the shoulders, a duku (head-wrap or turban) or as a hijab, over the head. Shop our latest collection of Mayafi at

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